Natural Ways to Cure Cancer
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Natural Ways to Cure Cancer

Cancer has a high mortality rate with a very expensive treatment too. All of us don't want to have this kind of sick and should rightly know the preventive ways to avoid having it. In this article I will share some of the natural ways to prevent the risk of having a cancer or even cure a minor cancer. There is no cost, the secret is on how we can avoid having a cancer by being selective in the food we eat and the kind of lifestyle we make.

We need to defend ourselves from cancer, it's a sick that is hard to resist once cancer cells become stronger than our immune system. What we need to do is to increase our immune system by eating the right food and having a good lifestyle to make us healthier. What are these and how can we do these? Read on to know more.

Sleep before 12:00 midnight. The ideal sleeping time is 9 or 10 PM. Our body repairs our damaged cells during 10 to 4 in the morning. So it's really important that we are asleep during those hours when our body cells are more active in repairing our cells. Most people who have cancers are staying late at night or even beyond that. Studies also reveal that those people who are working at night until morning have higher risks of getting cancer related sickness.

Eat raw vegetable and fruits. This can be hard and surprising to know but it is true. Raw foods are more nutritious and it gives our body enough fighting cells to weaken the cancer cells. Try to eat fruits each day especially colorful vegetable for it contain rich nutrients our body needs.

Have a regular walk each day outside your home. When you walk your muscles are working and that will help you to keep your muscles strong. You need to do it outside so that your body gets enough oxygen and light rays from the sun. You can do it in the morning when the sunlight is just right for our skin.

Drink enough water daily. Water increases our blood platelets and helps to normalize our blood circulation. It is best to drink water in the morning before taking coffee or any breakfasts. You have to avoid mineral waters as it could harm our health and choose to drink distilled waters.

Avoid eating white breads, white sugars and too much intake of foods high in fats and protein. All these foods will only aggravate the cancer cells and make it stronger than our normal cells. While protein is good to our body, too much intake of foods high in protein will speed up the increase of cancer cells. White sugars also weaken our white bloods for 3 to 5 hours. You may want to avoid these kinds of foods if you want to avoid cancer.

These are some of the natural ways to cure cancer but still there is no substitute in proper medications especially to cancer in severe stages. But there is nothing to lose if we will follow the tips above as our preventive measures to fight cancer cells.

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