Learn How To Deal With Anxiety By Using Proven Strategies
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Learn How To Deal With Anxiety By Using Proven Strategies

Anxiety and panic attacks can be very frightening. Medication is available, but treatment is slow and often does not completely cure the problem but just alleviates the symptoms. It is hard for a person who is suffering from anxiety to be left with the 'wait and see' solution for the problem. Fortunately, there are many natural way to completely eliminate anxiety and panic attacks from your system. It still takes time, but in this way you would be at least sure that you are getting rid of it for good.

Anxiety and panic attacks are very frightening, traumatic and exhausting leaving people desperate to find a workable solution to arrest and/ or prevent their onset. Contrary to popular belief, you can be completely cured of anxiety and panic attacks - often with easy-to-implement strategies. There is one very important thing you need to keep in mind when you are trying to overcome anxiety, i.e. the best way to thwart the build-up of a full blown attack is to distract your mind from it.

"Easier said than done", you would say; but it is not so. Try applying the following key strategies and tips for treating anxiety attacks w/o medication, which should be able to help you to a large extent. If you find no respite in spite of trying all these techniques, do consult a specialist for the best possible treatment.

Learn How To Deal With Anxiety By Using Proven Strategies

1. Face your fears - most people realize that their fears - that lead to anxiety - are illogical and unfounded. Next time you feel it building up, ask yourself what could be worst scenario be in such a case. Once you have the worst scenario in your mind, you no longer fear 'the unknown'. You know what you could expect in the worst of cases, and you could take some realistic measures to prevent and/ or remedy it. Once it is defined, you will find that the fear will lose its hold on you.

2. Introduce a pleasant diversion - as you feel your fear building up, interrupt it by doing something that gives you utmost pleasure. You may try this simple exercise: go in front of the mirror and smile as widely as you can backing it up with the feelings such a smile would normally entail. Observe that as long as you smile - even when you pretend - you cannot feel scared, angry or upset. In the same lines, do something you like most that would take your mind off your fears. For example, watch a good comedy movie on TV; call up a good friend for a chat; bake; take your dog for a walk; talk to your cat; treat yourself to a coffee and cookie; and so on.

3. Consult a doctor - there are various therapies for treating panic disorder

that involve hypnotism, anti-anxiety medication, counseling, and so on that only a doctor can offer. If you find that you cannot cope with your anxiety, do not neglect it. This is a health condition that is completely curable no matter how bad it seems. Seek professional help as soon as possible; there is no reason why you should suffer when you can easily get rid of it.

Three Tips On How To Cure Anxiety Naturally

Tip No1: Eliminate, or at least reduce stress from your life. Often anxiety does not just pop up in your life, but builds up little by little until one day it just explodes into a full blown attack. Make it a habit to de-stress your mind every evening before you go to bed; and during the weekends by doing something that takes your mind off the week's stress.

Tip No2: Introduce and practice relaxation techniques - take up exercise (it could be just a 20-30 minute walk every morning/ evening), or meditation. This will have you relax and promote the production of endorphins (the feel-good hormones) that will relax your mind and prevent anxiety build up. Alternatively, learn yoga breathing - pranayama. This is a very simple breathing exercise that will not only relax you but also enhance your overall health.

Tip No3: Take up the laughing therapy. This is a technique where a person whenever feels anxious or upset, teaches himself to laugh out aloud. As mentioned earlier, our body and mind is constructed in such a manner that it cannot smile and be upset at the same time. Hence, you cope with anxiety w/o medication quite effectively.

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