How to Cure Your Cough: Ginger and Honey Home Remedy
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How to Cure Your Cough: Ginger and Honey Home Remedy

A ginger and honey home remedy is all what many people need to ease their cough. The method of preparation and usage is explained. This method is highly preferred in Alternative Medicines.

It is always preferable to use natural and home-made remedies for those conditions that do not require the intervention of medical personnel. Ordinary cough, that is not the result of infection, is a good candidate for home remedies. Such natural remedies save you time, money, and often create no side reaction. The commonest and the most recommended remedy for non-infective cough is a mixture of the juice of ginger with honey.

Preparation: Take around 100 grams of fresh and healthy ginger. Clean them thoroughly of mud. Peal and rinse them thoroughly with water till the the remaining trace of mud is completely washed off. Shake the excess water off them. Pat them dry further with a clean and absorbent material. Then grind them to a paste and strain them to extract the juice. You might even use a clean cloth the strain the paste and get the last drop of available juice.

Mix an equal amount of honey and taste it. If you can bear the pungent taste, then the home remedy is done. If not, mix more honey till you can tolerate it. Take care not to overdo it, lest you be left with a lot of honey and little ginger. Pour into a food quality container, close the lid tight, and keep in a refrigerator. (Do not freeze!)

Usage: You can use this remedy, one teaspoon at a time, three to eight times in 24 hours. Retain a teaspoon full of remedy in your mouth for as long as possible, swallowing it as slowly as possible. Try to drink a glass of hot water half an hour after you take a teaspoon of this combination. It would be helpful for for you to drink the hot water slowly, at least as many times as you take this mixture. This is to help with cough and also to protect you from the effects of ginger in your stomach.

After the third or fourth time of taking this mixture followed by hot water, you will start noticing an easing of cough, and more easy expulsion of the phlegm. This means that the home remedy has started working. You should be in a comfortable position in less than three days if no infection is present.

Precaution: This Natural Remedies Factoid is meant for information and education. It should not be used as a substitute for medical advise. If the coughing is not eased within three days of using this remedy, or if it becomes worse, you must  contact your physician because an infection might be present that needs direct medical intervention.

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Comments (20)

A very simple and doable remedy for cough. Those with gastric/duodenal problems need to use it cautiously.

Thanks for sharing this. I live in China and this is something we do and it works well.

Thank you for providing this cough remedy. With so many pharmaceutical, expensive cough and cold remedies with side effects such as headache, nausea, or heart problems, advertised on television and the Internet, it is nice to see an easy and natural remedy with little to no harmful side effects.

Yes. We use this in Indonesia, it is work. Try it!

Well written and practical way of making home remedy for cough. Ginger and honey really work well for any kind of cough and mild asthma symptoms as well.

What a wonderful and useful tip...I´ve recommended and passed on the tip a lot...people liked it...

Jose Lu

Thanks for this simple remedy for cough. It is timely. My family has cough. We would try it.


Good Medicine! A great feeling after having a spoon of this remedy.

I think we can replace honey with Jaggery

What a great remedy!!!

Bukola Shobayo

This is an helpful &easy way to take care of oneself and loved ones

This is truly a simple home remedy for ordinary cough that should relieve from worries of not knowing what to do!!!

Interesting home remedy for a cough. It sounds like a good idea and I'll be sure to give it a try.

This appears to be a prebiotic remedy. Essentially the probiotic properties of honey, in addition to Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) (special sugars) present also in Ginger, feed and stimulate beneficial bacteria living in the large intestines (colon). Supporting these bacteria in this way, helps them to suppress putrifactive (bad) bacteria in the gut as well as stimulate the human Immune System. A honey and vinegar mixture (especially Apple Cidre vinegar) is also popular and is used in simular ways and can positivley affect a wide range of ailements, some incurable. There is a commercial preperation available on the Internet that take this basic concept to a new and even more efficacious level. Even into the treatment of various cancers. A look at Prebiotics and Immunogizer would be useful for anyone intrested in this line of medicinal theraphy.

Thank you - I will be trying this in the very near future.

Looks very simple. i will try next time i have a cough as well as recommend to others with same condition.

very good remedy for cough.

Many people use honey as a cough remedy and  have taken effect

I've never taken ginger this way.  Would it be too strong for children? I usually make ginger tea and add honey - drink it hot. 

I will not waste time try this because i always have cough during some season of the year but medication from the counter do not solve the problem. Thanks Dr Philip C Johnson on this eye opener article. I will definitly share to my friend to try suits.

I don't get a cough very often, but will try...don't like to rely on prescriptions.

David Wilson, Trinity DBS

Herbal Remedies are also low in cost, and effective in some areas where western medication or prescription fall. Thanks to Dr. Johnson C Philip for this wonderful article