Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Ingestion for Health in the Human Body Truth or Dare
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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Ingestion for Health in the Human Body Truth or Dare

Is the use of FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide in the human body safe or effective? Some say yes, others are equally convinced that the answer is no.

Benefits: Can Humans Ingest Hydrogen Peroxide Safely?

Well, yes and no. Before you attempt the drink the Hydrogen Peroxide that is in your medicine cabinet, STOP! This is not a FOOD GRADE product. Intended for topical use only, this type contains various stabilizing ingredients such as phenol, sodium stanate, acetanilde and certainly other undesirable non-food ingredients. There are several grades of hydrogen peroxide. All but one of these also contain non-food ingredients. These grades of hydrogen peroxide include the standard 3% pharmaceutical grade mentioned here. You probably have this type in your bathroom medicine cabinet.

There are other grades of increasing concentration such as Beautician Grade (6%) which is commonly used in salons to 'bleach' your hair blond. Reagent Grade (30% strength) is for scientific uses (such as boiling flesh away from bones in forensics, etc. and for dissolving elements.)

There is an Electronics Grade hydrogen peroxide which is around 32% strength, and Technical Grade concentration which has phosphorus added in addition to the usual stabilizer ingredients as before. None of these are 'food grade' and therefore cannot be ingested under any circumstance.

Next is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide at 35% strength. This grade is pure; it has no additives or other stabilizers added. In its full concentration it can also burn the skin so hazardous materials handling precautions are recommended (rubber gloves, eye protection, etc.) There is another, still more concentrated grade coming in at 90% strength. This one is used as an oxidizer in rocket fuel to feed the SRBs (solid rocket booster) of rockets such as the NASA Space Shuttle, and other ballistic rockets.

hydrogen peroxide tanker

(image source)

Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is the only preparation that is deemed safe for human ingestion and then, only when it is properly diluted. But is it safe? The controversy around ingesting diluted hydrogen peroxide as a health tonic has been around since the 1920s and both camps are vehement on their contentions over health benefits.

Hydrogen peroxide is very stable and has a long shelf life although all commercial preparations that are kept away from sunlight will still degrade in strength, and at a rate of perhaps 10% annually. It will degrade faster when exposed to sunlight and probably any kind of light source for that matter. This is likely why it it is sold in dark bottles. But, what is hydrogen peroxide? How is it formed and is it created in nature?

Natural Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) from the Sky, Dissolved in Rainwater

High in Earth's upper atmosphere, unstable molecules of oxygen called ozone are created by sunlight, lightning and cosmic rays all interacting with rarefied oxygen molecules. Ozone is the unstable molecule of three oxygen atoms having the chemical formula "03." Heavier than oxygen (O2) these ozone molecules all by themselves drop slowly towards Earth where they come into contact with water vapor and become part of the rain water.

These free radicals join chemically with the water vapor and become naturally-occurring hydrogen peroxide. This in turn falls to the ground dissolved and highly diluted in rain water. The formula can be realized something like "O3(free ozone radical of oxygen) + H2O(in the form of water vapor) = H2O2(hydrogen peroxide) + 02(standard oxygen molecule.)"

This is a very diluted amount that falls to Earth as rainwater of course but it is present in rainwater, in the lakes, oceans, ponds and it is even in snow! The presence of hydrogen peroxide molecules is one of the reasons why rainwater is better for your indoor houseplants than ordinary tap water. The houseplants are receiving more oxygen into their roots and leaves via this 'oxygenated water' which is otherwise denied them.

It is also a gardener's secret to dilute a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide into potable water for garden plants. This creates larger yields of fruits, vegetables and flowers than even rainwater alone. In Europe, tap water is often purified with a Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide added at the distribution point, much like western tap water is chlorinated. Curiously though, Hydrogen Peroxide is many times more efficient at killing bacteria than Chlorine.

Admittedly though, pollution in today's modern atmosphere is gathered by much of the available hydrogen peroxide naturally present in rainwater and lesser than optimal amounts actually reach the ground when it rains. But still, it does. Here again this is also part of why the air always smells so much cleaner after a rainstorm: the hydrogen peroxide in the rainwater has cleansed atmospheric pollutants and swept them from the air to the ground.

Where Else is Hydrogen Peroxide Produced?

Hydrogen peroxide is also produced naturally within the human body. Vitamin-C is known to fight infections and oft-cited for its alleged ability to prevent colds and flu, or reduce their severity. In the human body, Vitamin-C produces a weak metabolic version of hydrogen peroxide and perhaps this too is part of the health benefit of the sunshine vitamin. The good aerobic (oxygen-loving) bacteria in the human body benefit from this additional oxygen while the bad anaerobic (oxygen-hating) bacteria do not. The health benefits become seemingly obvious.

We all know that a topical application of pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide on a cut or scrap kills germs, and that this is a good thing. It is the drinking (or injecting) of small dilute quantities of FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide that has most people scared and confused. The jury is still out on this health controversy but the proponents claim all sort of wonderful benefits of ingestion of diluted Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

The detractors however are opposed with equal resolve. Injuries from ingesting improper dilutions or improper (non-Food Grades) hydrogen peroxide have occurred, including death. It is such a powerful oxidizer that the Food Grade type must be highly diluted in (non-chlorinated) water prior to use. It should also be ingested no less than one hour prior to eating, or three hours after the last meal to avoid undesirable interaction with the digestion of food. This metered ingestion must be administered in very small quantities of just several drops in a glass of water, and built-up gradually to a manageable dosing regimen for a period of time ranging from days, weeks or perhaps as long as 6-months.

The internet is full of sites which both advocate and debunk the use of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for health. One must read the facts from both sides and decide for themselves. Truth or dare: is this really helpful or is this a bunch of deluded hype with potentially dangerous side effects?

There are virtually no incidences of severe poisoning from the common 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide (which is typically stored in a medicine cabinet) while most reported cases of hydrogen peroxide poisoning involves the 35% Food Grade preparation. This degrades fast and is thus stored by the consumer in the refrigerator to slow this degradation. Often, the 35% preparation is diluted by the consumer and re-bottled. This makes is easily confused with potable bottled water if not properly labeled. It is up to the consumer to ensure that both the full-strength and repackaged product are labeled and considered hazardous materials to prevent accidental overdose of this product. As little as a mouthful swallowed can potentially be lethal, or certainly require medical intervention.

More reading: Hydrogen Peroxide / Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology. 2007, Oct.

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Comments (24)

good article, thanks

So very interesting

very nice.

Where does one get food grade h2o2?

Health Food stores often sell it. I find it a bit scary that my research found that people are self-injecting themselves with this stuff (in the diluted form and in the minuscule quantities as per the dosing regimen.) Myself, I'm a bit unsettled about this whole thing. A brain embolism could occur if too much oxygen is released into the bloodstream..

Thank you, stickman, have no intention of ingesting or injecting. Was just wondering how readily available it is.

Greg Tegman

Dear, thestickman, Have you heard of anybody having a brain embolism using food grade H-peroxide?. I have seen the safe recommended dosages as well as the FDA's disapproval as well. I must say, I don't fully trust the FDA as many do. The AMA seems to ignore and refute natural options. They cant make money on nutrition at many levels.

"...Have you heard of anybody having a brain embolism using food grade H-peroxide?" Personally? No, can't say as though I have. Although there is literature that identifies the use of concentrated hydrogen peroxide as causative of deaths, -just as there are cases of OTC and Rx sanctioned by the FDA and medical community also causing death. But the point is not just that it can be dangerous or deadly, -but a question of whether or not it effective as prescribed? Some practitioners of H2O2 therapy prescribe this to treat AIDS, MS, Alzheimer's and so forth. While I am interested in alternative medicines I truly have my suspicions about most of the more outlandish claims of H2O2 use. The concern here is that if a little isn't improving the condition does the practitioner arbitrarily increase the dosage to lethal or harmful levels in pursuit of their convictions? Therein lies the crux of the danger.. (Or, if two aspirin doesn't stop your headache, -take four, ...take six, ...take 8 aspirin, etc.. when in fact the patient may have something else the matter with the brain, like a physical trauma, a tumor, anuerism, etc. for which aspirin is the wrong treatment regardless of the dose.) ...and more. There was a news brief just recently about a 'health spa' that mistakenly used a H2O2 enema in a client instead of water (damn, -looked the same and stored in the 'fridge too!) and that person died from gastric & abdominal bleeding, -but no brain embolism no. I think from my reading that 30 or 35% FOOD-GRADE H2O2 is administered something like 8-10 drops or less daily for a week or more (up to 6-months in some cases?) which would of probably be far less than a lethal dose of course. Still, -wondering just how safe is this and who is backing the claim. Certainly not the client with the blood spurting out their rectum..

Greg Tegman

Okay, fair enough. Looks like I need to step back and be careful in regard to this idea. I will continue to do my research on this. The term "oxigenating the bloodsteam" is something I heard, I believe, in other products like "Reservetrol" and a natural tonic called "Matol Botanical",a health drink sold via M.L.M out of Canada many years ago. Alot of "Snake Oils" out there. I still do not trust most of the U.S. health origanizations that support a partially corrupt medical industry. What a mess.


What about pregnant women drinking diluted H2O2?

I keep returning to this, finding literature that seems to SUPPORT the CORRECT use of H2O2 for health. I am very tempted to try a cool/warm mist diffuser with the prescribed H2O2 ratio, to clean the lungs. Certainly, the bath with 30-gallons of water to 1-pint F.G. H2O2 sounds far safer than INJECTION gawd that scares the heck out of me, that people either self-inject or allow injection of dilute H2O2 preparations...

rosalee jackson

stickman must be a dam doctor I hate those bastard!


I have been drinking H202 for 2 months now and it is the missing link in my treatment of antifungal resistant systematic eosphagugal candida. 5 lovely doctors in south africa charged me R30,000.00 in 5 months and gave me tons of antibiotics and only a low insufficient dose of antifungals which made my candida resistant and they told me there was nothing wrong. i do not trust doctors at all as they do not know everything and they actually proved they know nothing about candida or about their patient. change your diet, balance your ph, maintain on antifungals and drink H202 thats what worked for me. I will continue using H202 after my candida has completely cleared on a maintenace doseage. i have also put our arthritic dog on H202 therapy.

Excellent Claire! I appreciate the differential testimony you provided. I certainly wish you the best in your ongoing treatment and your testimony is yet another brick in the wall of knowledge.


hi my name is Johnny and I have no common ailments or diseases that r known of.I'm 27 y/o and I studied this debate that has been going on for decades.So I figured why not be a guinea pig and experiment a little.So I bought a bottle of FG peroxide and dilluted it down to 3% and digested it daily for a month straight and well I'm still alive even after I up'd the dosage and purposely drank a whole pint of it. To tell u the truth I noticed dramatic changes.I had more stamina,more endurance, and my depth perception and awareness picked up pretty good. and you have no idea how many people claimed I was poisoning myself but evidently wasn't.I'm alive and well.Honestly be your own judge on it.I wouldn't suggest digesting any kind of peroxide but if u do it make sure it's real FG H2o2

Excellent input!


Nice one johnny, I have researched and cant find one case of any adverse reactions to drinking Food Grade 35% HP (diluted and taken properly of course) unlike say aspirin for example. FYI: Enzymes & Vitamin C produce HP in your body, its also produced by your good bacteria (lactobacillus bacteria) in your large intestine. its also in sea water, rain, snow and is added to the water in europe, HP is also in breast milk and in the water at loudres, i know, its a miracle. i have just started ozone therapy where oxygen gets absorbed into your skin for 30 mins and i am loving it, I had so much energy afterwards i thought someone must have slipped me some speed. there are 11000 registered doctors in europe who use ozone therapy on a regular basis with great success, surely they can't all be wrong? Dr Jonathan V Wright is another great US doc who uses natural remedies to cure all ills, interestingly he is also persecuted by the FDA. Vive good diet, no stress, a balanced PH, exercise and HP and you have the recipe for great health. keep up the excellent work mr stickman x


I am confused on the amount FG 35% HP to be used after diluted. do I use a dropper of HP after it has been diluted and mix with more water or do I use full strength hp then drop into a glass of water, none of the articles are very clear on how to mix for internal use?

Full-strength added to distilled water to produce the desired safe ingestable dilution. If the dropper is already diluted, adding it to more water further reduces the concentration (but probably not its effectiveness as you are still ingesting the same amount of FG H2O2. That is to say, if 10-drops of 35% FG H2O2 is the targeted dose for the day, it makes no difference if you add these 10-drops to half a glass of water or add it to a FULL glass of water. You still are taking the same amount of FG H2O2...


Thank you, just wanted to make sure, I think I have been diluting it too much, got nervous about taking it the wrong way, my husband has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and is going to start his BCG treatments on the 21st of October. It's me taking the HP now because I thought I would try it first, he isn't sure about it and I said I would try it and if it works on my fibro & arthritis then he might be talked into taking it.

So adding straight hp by the drop into my perified water is the correct dilution.....I will start again today! thanks again JC

The FG H2O2 came with use instructions, yes? Are the not specific on usage? I have wanted to try FG H2O2 myself, but am not quite sure where to find it. We have some health/whole foods stores here in the city and they likely carry a supply. I do know that one begins with a daily regimen that slowly builds day-by-day, (one drop the first day for two days, two drops daily for the next three days, etc etc. until whatever prescribed level is reached as indicated by the health-care provider/naturopath. I would be quite reluctant to just dip it out of whatever 'bulk container' it comes in, and jump right in using it. I would be interested to know about say, bathing in a diluted solution of FG H2O2. I have read that say, a half-litre of FG H2O2 to a full bath tub is quite refreshing and allegedly, healthful & beneficial (although these claims don't really say to WHAT benefit other than 'more energy' which I can get from a big tall sugary glass of cold lemonade...)

P.S., -BE SURE to read the article cited at the end of my article: More reading: Hydrogen Peroxide / Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology. 2007, Oct. ( ) to understand the risks involved, and potential consequences.

I thought I might add a comment for the support of FG peroxide usage. Several years ago, when I came across, I learned of food grade peroxide. My wife at the time was having alot of trouble after a partial hysterectomy. I suggested my wife use a douche of the FG peroxide diluted. 4 drops in 8oz of distilled water. Its suggested that distilled water be used because distilled water has a PH of 7. So that was a baseline not to go to high on the drops. One time application. This was done in the evening. The following day my wife went to work, during the later part of the morning, she informed me that she expelled a large spongely blood rich discharge. After a call to the doctor, most identifying conclusion, scar tissue from surgery. My wife has never felt better and utilize this practice all the time now. 

Have used OXY Plus for lung infections. Was coughing up blood and 2 tablespoons of this stopped the blood in 3 hours. The bottle says one fluid ounce equals 30 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.